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July , Volume Issue

The IT and Telecom Preparedness Issue

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Just When You Thought You Were Safe

IT and Telecom Managers think seriously about security and they generally do a pretty good job of it.

Having done a pretty good job protecting their LAN and WAN, everyone feels safe.

Well, unfortunately our interconnected world is so complexly interconnected that you may find back-doors or even barn doors somewhere in the tentacles of your connections.

You'll almost certainly find heating systems or building entry systems or ...

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Collateral Damage By Peter Aggus
With damage ranging from buildings falling down to loosened connectors or cracked water pipes, there are around 500,000 quakes each year. The impact often has a domino effect with failure in unexpected places.

Self-Assessing Enterprise Risk By Alan Bajkov
Assessing risk is not rocket science; it's a logical process of identifying risks and opportunities, deciding on their likelihood and magnitude of impact, then deciding on an appropriate response to each. Here's a simple process.

The Unnecessary Disaster By Len Garis et al
Urban myths abound - we assume 'an event' causes a disaster but it often isn't true. From Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to the 2011 tsunami in Japan - the real cause of flooding and nuclear meltdown was bad planning and bad activation of an emergency plan.

You Can Be Sued! By John Glover
Disaster struck and somehow everything is your fault! You were busy; you were understaffed; Governance was on your To Do list. Now it's too late.

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