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September 2014, Volume 1 Issue 2

The Taking Control Issue

The unexpected collapse of the acclaimed Tacoma Narrows bridge

Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Tracking You

By Peter Aggus

We often take online security for granted. After all, our log in and credit card information is protected by SSL when we buy things online. However, most web sites only use SSL for highly secure information, then revert to non-secure transactions for bulk data.

This means that there are oceans of your data being collected and stored on servers - fairly useless information, until now.

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Overcoming Inertia By John Glover
How do you know when it's time to change direction? When economic conditions change, will inertia keep you from taking control and making necessary changes? Will you even notice that changes are needed before it's too late?

Why Do We Keep Hiring Admin Staff? By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
We regularly hear IT managers and directors complain that there's always money available to hire more admin staff but no money for IT to automate more business processes, even though this would eliminate the need for some or all of the new staff. We see the extra staff whenever we create a business process diagram for a client.

The Unnecessary Disaster - Part 2 By Len Garis et al
Urban myths abound - we are often told that 'an event' causes a disaster but it often isn't true. Hurricane Katrina of 2005 did not cause the flooding and devastation in New Orleans. In fact, everything went perfectly... until it all fell apart.

CIO for Hire

Clients smaller than $300 Million per year in revenues likely don't have a CIO. They need one but can't afford one.

A CIO is a very senior IT leader that understands business drivers and can speak the language of the CEO, COO and CFO. The CIO works with IT staff and managers to plan and budget.

TMC can assign a CIO to work with clients on a part time basis. One to two days a month can translate into more confident staff and better financial decisions.

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