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October 2014, Volume 1 Issue 3

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Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Perils of Google

By John Glover

'To Google' has become a verb in common use and has all but become the default search engine when any of us wish to tap into the information wealth of the Internet.

Have you considered what happens to your intellectual property (IP) or other information that you hand over to Google once we establish a search relationship with them?

It's probably worse than you think.

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Wearable Technologies By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Head to Toe Wearables: Google glass is the most well-known of the wearable technologies. Apple and an army of others are pushing smart watches. You can find smart shoes, camera ties, keyboard pants and even an electroluminescent dress that lights up with an incoming call. The opportunities are staggering and a little frightening.

Voice over LTE (aka VoLTE) By Peter Aggus
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the mobile equivalent of landline VoIP. It's the carrier's answer to handling voice calls more efficiently over the mobile data networks and will transform the industry.

The Unnecessary Disaster - Part 3 By Len Garis et al
Although an emergency plan can fall apart when a real emergency happens, there are ways to have a 'successful failure'. Here's a classic example of doing it right.

Penetration Testing

Attacks are everywhere and attacker sophistication is constantly increasing. Verizon's survey reported 63,000 security incidents and 1400 data breaches in 50 global companies.

The top three most common data breach techniques are:

  • web app attacks
  • cyber espionage
  • POS Instrusions

TMC can perform an external penetration test of your network as well as a scan of your customer-facing web applications using a specialized security assessment application.

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