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November 2014, Volume 1 Issue 4

The Improving Your Brand Issue

Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Cyber Attacks
Part 1: Fighting Back

By Peter Aggus

We rely on access to the internet for much of our critical business - lose that access and how do you process payments, deal with e-mail or serve your web clients?

The simple answer is that you don't.

In an instant your e-commerce stops - dead. Electronic attacks are much easier than you might think.

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Changing the IT Brand By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
IT has traditionally had the image of a band of techno-sorcerers - all-powerful and a little intimidating. While it's cool to feel all-powerful, if your user groups aren't comfortable approaching you with questions and 'what-ifs', then you've failed in your branding.

Leadership Style: The Difference that Makes the Difference
By Thomi Glover
In today's highly competitive environment, leaders often neglect the basics of leadership and use their power to achieve results. The implied "because I said so" just doesn't work anymore, but there's good news: To experience greater personal effectiveness, employee commitment and higher performance, learn about your own leadership style.

Why IT Governance Matters By Alan Bajkov
The days of 'What Happens in IT Stays in IT' are long over. IT has become everyone's business, all the way up to the board. Organizations with poor IT governance are open to lawsuits and worse. The good news is that moving to good IT governance can be a fairly painless process.

CIO for Hire

Clients smaller than $300 Million per year in revenues likely don't have a CIO. They need one but can't afford one.

A CIO is a very senior IT leader that understands business drivers and can speak the language of the CEO, COO and CFO. The CIO works with IT staff and managers to plan and budget.

TMC can assign a CIO to work with clients on a part time basis. One to two days a month can translate into more confident staff and better financial decisions.

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