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January 2015, Volume 2 Issue 1

How The World Sees You Issue

Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Fighting Spam

By Peter Aggus

In the last issue we reviewed how attackers disable internet access with a torrent of unwanted IP traffic.

Mail servers, of course, can be attacked in a similar way but the solution here seems easier - spam filtering.

Be warned, however, that spam filters can have serious unintended consequences.

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Early Warning Indicators By Alan Bajkov
Life is change and as the pace of change mounts, available reaction time decreases. The world may love your company one day, then consider it to be a poor performer on the next. Neither economists nor fortune-tellers can deliver reliable predictions of the future so you need to identify a range of early warning indicators to buy a little extra reaction time.

Is Google Really My Friend? By John Glover
In the October issue we examined Google and how it operates as a co-owner of your content and stores your deleted content forever. Today we address a continuing debate about whether individuals are entitled to “anonymity” to protect their personal privacy and to preserve their identity. Social media providers’ drive for profits from your data is leading to a drive for control of social media by government.

How Others See Me By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
When a certified business coach joined TMC, I jumped on the chance to have her work her magic on me. It’s always fun to be analyzed and ‘find out’ what type of person you are. The process seemed straightforward enough and I knew what the process would say about me because I know what type of person I am. Well, apparently not.

See You There

Ellen will be speaking at the 16th Annual Privacy and Security Conference (February 12th and 13th) at the Victoria Conference Centre.

She'll be on a panel about the Internet of Things at 11 on Friday morning.

The conference, is recognized as one of the top tier information privacy and security events in North America. It draws an international audience of some 1,000 delegates with an interest in cutting edge policy, programs, law, research and technologies aimed at the protection of privacy and security.

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