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April 2015, Volume 2 Issue 4

The IT Guide to Radio Issue

Just When You Thought You Were Safe - PANs and BANs

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

We tend to think of WiFi and cellular when we think of radio in the workplace. Unfortunately thatís just the beginning. Beyond IEEE standard 802.11, there are lots of other standards in existence and in the works. The IEEE 802.15 standard, Personal Area Networks (PANs) and Body Area Networks (BANs), is changing fast and is increasingly important.

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Swimming in Radio By Peter Aggus
Weíre constantly bombarded by radio signals from hundreds or even thousands of sources. Some systems provide value to us, others are safety or security risks; some have little effect on us and some ruin the performance of our in-house WiFi systems. Hereís a high level look at the radio signals that surround us.

Trunked Radio By Bill Tracey
Handheld radio is used in many organizations as a way to immediately reach IT, facilities or other personnel. Since licenced radio channels are a limited resource, trunked radio was introduced as a way for many people to share a radio system. Trunked radio is fairly simple in concept, though it provides poor service if a few basics arenít understood.

Satellites 101 By Peter Aggus
Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke predicted in 1945, that a satellite orbiting at a height of over 30,000 km will circle the Earth at the same speed as the Earth rotates, so it appears to be stationary as seen from Earth or Ďgeosynchronousí. In 1963, man-made satellites began whizzing around the earth at a height of a few hundred km. Weíve come a long way since then.

WiFi Woes By Tony van Wouw
Itís everywhere Ė and everyone uses it, and even though WiFi seems like childís-play, itís actually more like a dangerous dog breed. If you donít really understand how it will react in all circumstances, donít believe that everything will be fine.

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