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October 2015, Volume 2 Issue 9

Customer Service Issue

Just When You Thought You Were Safe - The Customer Viewpoint

By Peter Aggus

In the real world, problems happen - systems fail, disasters strike, customer are affected . What matters is that you get the problems fixed. We’re generally good at fixing technical problems, but that alone doesn’t fix the problem.  We need to talk to our customers to explain what happened.

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By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
There are many ways to provide customer support, in fact, more all of the time. Customers expect more, particularly the Millennials. Everyone is planning new capabilities and that raises the bar for everyone. It’s hard to decide what to do… what’s everyone else doing?

Risk Management and Customer Service
By Alan Bajkov
While ERM – Enterprise Risk Management - has been a hot topic for the past ten years, organizations often treat risk management as a one-time project. This means that ERM is not integrated into business processes and employees and managers focus on their own business processes or opportunities for advancement and give hardly a thought to risk. They forget that customers pay their salaries and customers care about risk.

By Shelley Thompson
Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), track and manage customer interactions, starting from the lead, through to the order, final support, and subsequent communications and further orders, all in one record.  It can be integrated into contact centre software so that the CRM customer record can include recordings of phone calls as well as tracking of emails, webchats and social media activity. How do you choose? Who are the leaders? Why?

Customer Service Assessment

Your Customer Service is often the primary way that your customers judge you. How do you rate? If you don't know, you might wish to find out.

TMC Can Help You Assess:

  • customer experiences
  • customer expectations
  • staff ability to deliver
  • corporate culture obstacles

How you compare to:

  • your customer expectations
  • your own goals
  • your peers
  • best practices

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