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November 2015, Volume 2 Issue 10

The We Can Be Anywhere Issue

Just When You Thought You Were Safe -

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

Telecommuting used to be something that just employees wanted. Then it became something that corporations saw as a way to save a lot of money by reducing office space...but it was experimental because they didn't trust their employees. Now it's becoming the way to go for many office jobs and it works fabulously well - until it doesn't.

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Cloud Adoption: Why security risks shouldn't stop you
By Peter Aggus
If, like many CIOs, you avoid cloud-based systems because of perceived higher security risks it might be time to take another look. Many major in-house systems have, in recent months, been shown to have fallible security. Might Cloud Systems even be better?

'Anywhere, with Any Device' Policy Increases Enterprise Risk
By Alan Bajkov
Boards and educators have a vital role to play in promoting efficient risk management practices as even smaller organizations grow ever more complex. The 'anywhere, with any device' strategy creates many opportunities but can also expose the weaknesses in enterprise risk management programs and practices. Let's talk about new and emerging risks.

When Disaster Strikes for Off-site Employees
By Guy Robertson
Employees can work anywhere - from home, from a small branch office, from a hotel room or from a client site. If disaster strikes when they're at their regular office, they'll find the right supplies in the emergency cabinet. Emergency management people will take control and tell them exactly what to do. When employees work remotely, it's a different story. Here are the ABC's preparing your remote workers.

Are You Understaffed?

TMC conducted a benchmarking study of BC municipalities. It benchmarked BC municipalities on a variety of measures including:

  • IT spending as a % of revenue
  • IT spending per employee
  • IT spending breakdown
  • IT staffing as a % of corporate staff
  • IT workload breakdown
  • IT Process self assessment
  • Servers and end user device types

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