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February 2016, Volume 3 Issue 2

Looking Forward Issue

Microsoft's Hololens

Augmented and Virtual Reality At Work

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

It’s time for CIO’s to start thinking about augmented and virtual reality, enterprise edition.

The innovators - Ford, IKEA, and Marriott, to name a few - are already using one or the other and gaining benefits. The vendors are on the verge of the big push to early adopters, too.

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Death of Passwords By Peter Aggus
Password protection may be simple—but it's far from secure. Better technology has existed for years, but only recently are 'Token Authentication' and 'Biometrics' starting to become mainstream. Banks are embracing Chip & PIN technology ever more widely, computers incorporate Fingerprint Scanners, phones use Fingerprint and Retinal Scanners, and new passports include extensive biometric data for validation of identity. Here's a look at these new technology options and what we need to be aware of to make them work.

IoT Networks : Part 1 - HaLow By Bill Tracey
HaLow (pronounced halo) is the Wi-Fi Alliance's working name for the IEEE standard, 802.11ah. HaLow uses low power, can penetrate walls, and support thousands of devices per access point. What's not to love? Well, it connects these thousands of devices directly from your office to the Internet. Worried yet?.

Hit by a Bus: What To Do When Key Employees Are Unavailable By Guy Robertson
Your IT manager is rear-ended – whiplash…pain…pain meds…he's not able to come to work. He's out for two weeks, and even when he returns, he'll probably not be 100%. What can you do when a key employee suddenly cannot come to work? Can another staff member fill in? Is his job well documented so a contractor can parachute in? No? What can you do to protect yourself?

CIO for Hire

If you're smaller than $300 million in revenue, you likely don't have a CIO; you need one but you can't afford one.

CIO vs. IT Manager

  • An IT Manager is an IT expert with a fair understanding of the business of their organization.
  • A CIO is a business executive with a fair understanding of using technology to drive business success.
  • An IT Manager works with their IT team to plan and budget to accomplish user and IT goals.
  • A CIO works with the C-Suite - the COO, CEO, CFO (etc.), to set priorities and budget.

Clients can engage TMC to fill this requirement - a day or two per month can make a huge difference.

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