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March 2016, Volume 3 Issue 3

Cart Before the Horse Issue

When Is It Too Soon for an IT Strategic Plan?

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

Many, if not most, organizations have an IT Strategic Plan. Of these plans, a surprising number are 'dead' documents, ignored and untouched. These plans may have been beautifully written, but were written too soon. That raises the question: when is it too soon to write an IT strategic plan?

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IoT Networks: Part 2 - Why?
By Tony van Wouw
Last month, Bill introduced the HaLow IoT networking option. Currently, there are a variety of competing options to connect IoT devices to each other and to the Internet, and businesses cannot afford to install every possible option. We're getting close to the IoT tipping point so you need to get ready to support it.

Data Governance Worst Practices Part 2
By Alan Bajkov
Enterprise data governance projects often yield disappointing results. There’s a lot of very good advice on best practices out there but it’s sometimes easier to learn from failure. We published some of our favourite picks for enterprise data governance 'worst' practices in January. Here are the rest of our favourites.

A Project Manager's Renegade View
By Peter Aggus
Standard PM disciplines work on defining a need and then devising a solution—horse first, cart second. A radical trend, disturbing for some, is for a solution to be forced on a business before the need has been clearly understood. This might not be a bad thing if it increases the speed of adopting new ideas but there are dangers if it is not controlled. Here is how (and when) such a fast-track approach could work.

Radio Engineering Services

Are you looking to establish your radio network? Do you need help with the answers to:

  • Is it better to use licenced or unlicensed frequencies?
  • With unlicensed frequencies, will my installation fail when a new system is installed nearby?
  • Is licenced 'too expensive'?
  • Is my existing radio equipment reliable?
  • How do I increase capacity on my current system?
  • Are there health risks associated with installing a radio tower on our building?
  • Can I rent space on someone else's tower?

Our survey reports are certified by one of our radio engineers, a P. Eng., licenced to make such statements.

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