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April 2016, Volume 3 Issue 4

Connecting Issue

The IT Brand - Building Connections

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

IT often works at a disadvantage. Historically, IT has had a bad brand - they were the people who said "No - you can't have what you need and if you can have it, it will take forever." My client pool includes both camps – the IT departments with a bad brand and those whose user departments think that they're wonderful, even when they're understaffed and have to say "No". Here's what I've learned about building a brand from the 'wonderful' camp.

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication - Mobile IoT By Bill Tracey
There is a robust version of Wi-Fi and manufacturers are using it to build vehicles that communicate with each other. Potential benefits are immense (including collision warning, congestion alerts and emergency service broadcasts) but there are serious interference and privacy issues; along with possible hacking risks. Which features will be good for business? What pitfalls can we expect?

ZigBee-Opportunity or Crisis? By Peter Aggus
There are a growing number of controllable devices sporting the 'ZigBee certified' logo. It is inevitable that end users will incorporate these devices into their life at home and at work—as happened with 'smart phones'. There are many real benefits but, as with previous technology leaps, there are dangers—the biggest being radio signals interfering with each other. Businesses need to understand the issues and proactively plan for a peaceful co-existence.

The Joys of Tabletopping By Guy Robertson
Disaster planning sessions are always popular - mock site evacuations, emergency first aid and triage, working with firefighters, using emergency equipment – it can be a lot more fun than work. Unfortunately, hands-on exercises are very expensive, so can't happen often. Happily, tabletopping will deliver 90% of the value for 10% of the cost while keeping most of the fun.

Dashboards Matter!

Dashboards deliver critical information at a glance. They show trouble while there's still time to react.

Whether it's declining revenue, increasing costs, schedule delays or increasing risk, dashboards can save huge amounts of money since they allow timely course corrections.

Regardless of your preferred style of graphic, the information behind the colours needs to be right. As dashboards are based on rolled-up numbers which are based on a variety of assumptions, how can you be sure that you are using the right numbers?

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