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May 2016, Volume 3 Issue 5

It's More Complicated Than You Thought Issue

What About the Money?

By Guy Robertson

How much cash do you carry? Not a lot, likely, but that doesn't matter as credit cards and ATMs are so convenient. But what would you do if your wallet was empty, the ATMs have stopped working and the banks couldn't open for business? What if your employees had no cash either, and came to you for help? Is this covered in your disaster planning?

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IoT Network Options By Bill Tracey
Remember the turf war in home video recording between VHS and Beta? VHS won and Beta users were forced to abandon a technology that they liked and start over from scratch. Could HaLow become the VHS of IoT? And to add to the complexity, it won't just be a two-horse race there are other contenders. What are they? How do they stack up? Should you dive in now and risk making the wrong choice or should you wait and miss the many advantages of being an early adopter?

Enterprise Mobility - Facing the Challenges By Peter Aggus
Are you looking for the best approach? Should you take the simple option and make it easy to copy data to many devices (synchronization) or should you force users to connect to a single central data warehouse (virtualization). One thing is sure - if you do not develop a clear policy with easy-to-use supporting technology, then users will go their own way using off-the-shelf tools. With the new laws on data privacy, IT managers can be exposed to personal litigation if they get it wrong.

Penetration Testing - the Whole Story By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
There are many options when it comes to pen testing - from do-it-yourself, to low-cost contractors offering some level of testing, all the way to a comprehensive project with exhaustive testing of as many selections from a laundry list of options as you can cost-justify including WiFi beacon issues, DNS resilience and social engineering. Here's my advice about what's most important about moving forward with pen testing.

Customer Service Assessment

Your Customer Service is often the primary way that your customers judge you. How do you rate? If you don't know, you might wish to find out.

TMC Can Help You Assess:

  • customer experiences
  • customer expectations
  • staff ability to deliver
  • corporate culture obstacles

How you compare to:

  • your customer expectations
  • your own goals
  • your peers
  • best practices

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