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June 2016, Volume 3 Issue 6

Unintended Consequences Issue

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Brexit: New Uncertainty and Risk

By Guy Robertson

On June 23, 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union. The impact on the UK economy has been negative and worrisome - exactly the opposite of what supporters predicted. Europe was already beset with serious economic problems. Major stock markets have been volatile with investors worried that we could be on the verge on a deep global downturn. This increases enterprise risk. Here are important questions to ask your ERM committee.

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Green Buildings Drain Cell Phone Batteries By Bill Tracey
The obvious aim of a ‘green building’ is to reduce environmental impact by saving energy. Green building design works very well for reducing heating and cooling requirements but they can play havoc with cell phones and other types of radios. Did you wonder why your cell phone battery drains faster than you expect? Pay attention and you may find that battery levels drain too fast in your modern, new office building and behave normally when you leave work. Here's why.

Simply Adding WiFi APs Often Gives Worse Service By Peter Aggus
Basic logic might seem to suggest that improving WiFi service is just a case of adding more Access Points. It is surprising then that the reverse is often the case and coverage is degraded. Understanding this counter-intuitive logic is fundamental to a sound design upgrade and can save considerable wasted investment in hardware that actually makes things worse. Intelligent design is far more important than simply adding capacity.

NIMBY Surprise By Tony van Wouw
It is natural that people do not want any development that will reduce their safety or risk their health. Many cell site installation proposals are challenged on the perception that the increased RF energy is a health risk and many of these installations are refused permission and not built. Ironically, being too far from a cell tower results in all users being immersed in higher levels of RF energy - sometimes much higher. Here's why.

Business Continuity Assessment

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you need to revisit your disaster plan/business continuity plan:

  • Does your plan include how to respond to a pandemic?
  • Does your plan address succession planning for key staff?
  • Does your plan include strategic alliances?
  • Does your plan include flags for when it needs to be updated?
  • Does your plan include emergency communications with key clients?
  • Is your plan completely reliant on technology?

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Contact Ellen to request a copy of our Disaster Planning / Business Recovery Checklist for a more comprehensive list of questions. 604-506-2905

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