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July 2016, Volume 3 Issue 7

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Data Breach Protection

By Peter Aggus

As Hurricane Katrina showed the City of New Orleans, when your single line of defence fails, your entire system is swamped. Segmentation is one way to ensure that a single breach will only compromise a part of your network—but is that enough? How segmented do you have to be? Is implementing multiple VLANs good enough or do you need structured firewalls and routers? Worse than having a breach, is telling everyone that you are well protected … and then still having a breach. How will your network design stand up to an attack?

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Top Shortcomings in Disaster Plans By Guy Robertson
No matter how careful and intelligent the planner, the best-laid plans often lead to unintended consequences. This is usually because they're often built on theory, rather than experience. For example, in many organizations, the disaster plan is actually called an Earthquake Preparedness Plan. Right away you know that it doesn’t cover everything that can happen. Our experience, when auditing Disaster Plans, has been that plans are inadequate for even a moderate earthquake.

IT Study Roundup By Shelley Thompson
A lot of very interesting studies come across our desks each month. We've decided to pull some of our favourites and share the highlights with you. This month we look at a 22% increase in cyber crime, employees who sell passwords, data breaches through employee’s mobile access and the economic cost of internet outages.

Common IP Telephony Scams By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Telephony Fraud has always been with us as criminals gain access to your telephone system. With the advent of IP telephony, there are many new risks and new requirements for protection.

The ROI on IT Assessments

Our clients have hired us to conduct an assessment of their IT operations for a variety of reasons including:

  • Investigating reliability problems
  • Assessing customer service levels
  • Benchmarking costs
  • Assessing staffing levels and skills
  • Assessing IT Process Maturity

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