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October 2016, Volume 3 Issue 9

Speech Recognition - The New Reality

By Peter Aggus

Look at Apple‘s Siri, Google‘s Google Now or Microsoft‘s Cortana. Then look around - why isn‘t the world full of conversational systems? Instead, we‘re stuck with very simple systems, or more ambitious systems that disappoint us and give us ‘IVR Hell’. Happily, IBM Watson and other advanced systems are already in use and give the convincing illusion of a real person. They even learn by experience. Here‘s what IT managers need to know about the capabilities and limitations of these systems to be prepared for management requests for conversational systems.

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Privacy Management Programs By Shelley Thompson
We don‘t spend a lot of time thinking about the privacy and security of personal information, but it‘s important that we do. While people can be careless about their own personal information, as soon as they provide it to their employer, to government or any other organization, they expect it to be guaranteed safe. This drives legislation and enforcement so you will need to prove that you follow best practices.

Changing Risk Profiles By Guy Robertson
Part of every emergency plan is a Risk Assessment. Risk assessments need to be updated regularly as your Risk Register changes over time. Not only that, but the business impact of each of these risks also changes over time. This can have many causes but our increasing dependence on digital technologies is a major factor. The insurance industry is seeing an increasingly complex risk profile and are issuing policies to cover risks that were unknown not many years ago. Here‘s a summary of Canada‘s changing risk profile.

SD-WAN By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
SD-WANs (software-defined networking in a WAN) are very cool-they are the network for ‘every-man’ as they allow seemingly limitless bandwidth and bullet-proof availability at surprisingly low cost. Of course, they‘re not a panacea, so you need to think before you implement. Here‘s what you need to know about SD-WANs and where they make sense.

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