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November 2016, Volume 3 Issue 10

Robotic Process Automation

By Shelley Thompson

If you, or anyone that you care about, works in municipal government, it might be time to make alternate plans. Forecasters say that approximately 16% of all local government jobs in the UK will be automated by 2030 and administrative jobs will plummet from 99,000 (2001) to 4,000 (2030). Canadian jobs can’t be far behind.

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Business Process Mapping By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
If you take the effort and map the business processes in your organizations, you’ll be surprised at what you find… you might even be shocked. You’ll likely find duplication between departments, where staff are compiling data for management reports that are substantially identical. You’ll also see a lot of manual processes. Before you can find opportunities for improvement, you need to understand what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why you do it that way.

The Public Service Robot By Peter Aggus
Auto Attendants that use speech recognition have been around for years and have sometimes worked very well. The trick for success was to create a tight structure and build a system vocabulary that included almost every possible response from a caller. Speech Recognition technology is much better now, so it’s possible to design a system that can ask a caller “How can I help you?” Done well, SR will become a business differentiator. Unfortunately, this increased power can easily lead to disappointing or embarrassing outcomes. Here’s our advice on doing it right.

The Dangers of Modern Buildings By Bill Tracey
New building construction is all about energy efficiency—keeping heat out in summer and holding on to it in winter. Unfortunately, this also means that modern buildings keep radio signals out - a pain for people wanting to make a cell phone call but life or death for police officers that get disconnected from their dispatcher. New building regulations may soon change that. What does this mean for building owners and designers?

Knowing the Score

Would the staff in your organization pass or fail?

We predict that many would fail as scammers can be very clever and people are trusting.

Verizon’s most recent security report analyzed 80,000 security breaches and found that 23% of employees opened phishing emails and 11% opened attachments on those emails.

Perhaps it’s time for you to run a ‘Falling for Phishing test’ and develop a social engineering score card to see what level of risk your organization is facing. Once you know, it’s easier to take action.

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