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February 2017, Volume 4 Issue 2

You Own It But It’s Not Really Yours

By Peter Aggus

Traditionally when we bought a device, we owned it and we controlled it. Since software is leased rather than sold, that is no longer true. In fact, cases are increasing where manufacturers take control of devices that they have sold in order to change functionality. Your TV may lose some of the features it had when you bought it. In future, will your car refuse to allow you to travel where you want? Will your IT equipment refuse to process certain types of data? You are at risk from ‘benevolent hacking’ where firmware control supersedes your wishes. We look at risks and what you can do.

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Willing Victims By John Glover
Information Security is not JUST about the technology or the network or the Internet – It is more about the user sitting in the chair being a willing victim. As we have heard, “Why do robbers rob banks?” ANSWER - Because that is where the money is! Why do computer users become willing victims? ANSWER - Because we love convenience and are very complacent about personal responsibility when using computer and network capabilities safely. In other words, we do not practice SAFE HEX! Here are a few of our thoughts on the matter.

The Mobile Takeover By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
The latest annual Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast is out and the results continue to surprise. They predict that by 2021, of the 7.6 billion people around the globe, more (on average) will use mobile phones (5.5 billion) than bank accounts (5.4 billion) or running water (5.3 billion). There are a number of drivers and they all contribute to our ever increasing demand for wireless communications and our decreasing attraction to landlines. Here are some cool stats and predictions.

Why Users Love and Hate the DMS By Guy Robertson
Over the past 40 years, the Document Management System (DMS) has become increasingly important in many organizations. Properly designed, a DMS can store electronic images of documents and facilitate the efficient and secure indexing of vital documents that must be retained for any length of time. It also gives users opportunities for simple Google-style searches, such as “show me all documents that refer to blue Buicks”. So why is it, when you mention DMS technology, you hear so many complaints and horror stories?

Radio Engineering Services

Are you looking to establish your radio network? Do you need help with the answers to:

  • Is it better to use licenced or unlicensed frequencies?
  • With unlicensed frequencies, will my installation fail when a new system is installed nearby?
  • Is licenced 'too expensive'?
  • Is my existing radio equipment reliable?
  • How do I increase capacity on my current system?
  • Are there health risks associated with installing a radio tower on our building?
  • Can I rent space on someone else's tower?

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