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April 2017, Volume 4 Issue 3

IoT Makes DDOS Much Worse

By Peter Aggus

The number of cyberattacks grew by 75% last year. The biggest (so far) 'Distributed Denial of Service', or DDoS, attack on internet company Dyn occurred last October and left customers of online services such as Netflix, Amazon, Twitter and Reddit without service. Tens of millions of Internet of Things(IoT) and smart home devices were recruited and created attack traffic of over 600 Gbps of data. This level of attack can be easily created. Your IoT devices could be enslaved and lying dormant without your knowledge. How can you avoid being part of the problem?

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The 3 Laws of Robotics Become...
By Lee-Ann Dittrich
When Isaac Asimov invented the 3 Laws of Robotics, they were intended as a foundation for his fictional stories. Everyone who read his work knew that humanity needed something similar. Happily, the biggest names in tech have now created a real world version - the Asilomar Al Principles.

Cyber Security Wisdom RSA 2017
By John Glover
43,000 attendees of RSA 2017 in San Francisco learned some important InfoSec lessons in February. Here are the most important, including a critical, low-tech lesson.

The Road to Hyperconverged
By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Computers used to be huge, with lots of cabinets filling a big room. Computers shrank and became distributed and personal, but we still needed computer rooms with racks of servers and storage arrays. Next it seemed like everything was becoming virtualized, either on site or in the cloud. As we're getting used to the next big paradigm - 'Convergence', along comes 'Hyperconvergence'. Is this the new nirvana?

The ROI on IT Assessments

Our clients have hired us to conduct an assessment of their IT operations for a variety of reasons including:

  • Investigating reliability problems
  • Asessing customer service levels
  • Benchmarking costs
  • Assessing staffing levels and skills
  • Assessing IT Process Maturity

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