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June 2017, Volume 4 Issue 5

Safe Clicking

By John Glover

We have all heard how the source of many cyber attacks lies in infected e-mails but what does that really mean? We could give up using active content in e-mails but that loses much of the convenience and power in a valuable communications tool. Ultimately it means terrorists have won. Instead, why not claim back safe use of our tools by teaching users how to be safe and what to look for? IT experts already know what to do but is it not time that we shared that knowledge and showed the cyber terrorists that we can fight back?

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What if You Can’t Patch?
By Peter Aggus
The recent WannaCry and similar attacks led to industry analysts pointing the finger at IT management, accusing them of allowing the use of obsolete operating systems (XP) and neglecting to install readily available patches. This finger-pointing can be unfair and misdirected when there are important reasons for the use of Windows XP and for ‘neglecting’ to install patches. The normal IT best practices don’t apply when you ‘can’t’ patch but you can still protect your networks and systems. Here’s the advice that we give clients.

Disaster Lessons—Okanagan Style
By Guy Robertson
BC’s Okanagan region has been facing rising lake levels and the threat of serious flooding. Beaches were submerged and closed. Sandbags were used to prevent Okanagan Lake from submerging waterfront property, many wharves have disappeared under water, and damage along the shore was substantial. “It’s a warning,” said a local hotel manager. “We can expect more of this sort of thing.” With our changing climate, we’re in the days of ‘never before’ and our risks of all kinds are increasing. Here are some of the lessons learned

Great Contact Centres—2017
By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Contact Centres have changed radically over the years. Most customer service-focused centres used to meet customer needs with call centres where agents answered calls, organized by priority and required skill set. Real-time stats and management reports were fairly basic. Over time call centres became multi-channel contact centres where email, screen pops and chat have been added. Things continue to change and contact centres have grown into technology octopi, with more channels, sometimes call 'Omni-channel’ and more interconnections between applications.

Your Empty(er) Inbox

July 1 will usher in a new era of emptier inboxes as the Canadian anti-spam legislation (July 1, 2014) moves into the enforcement phase. The need for anti-spam legislation is clear as it clogs global networks as well as inboxes.

Worldwide Email

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