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July 2017, Volume 4 Issue 6

Disaster Planning - 3rd Party Relationships are Crucial

By Guy Robertson

A good Disaster Plan is critical for the success of your operations. Everyone knows that. What isn't always as well understood is the importance of establishing relationships and contracts with 3rd party support organizations as part of your Disaster Planning process. The right contracts with 3rd party organizations can be critical for successful business resumption. You may be surprised at our list.

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After the flood is the worst time to look for a flood cleanup contractor. If the flood has affected other businesses, you may have to wait weeks before restoration contractors have time to get to you.


The Sad Truth About Exploits
By John Glover
Let us not be mislead about why we continue to be plagued by exploits related to various IT and control systems in our environments today. We tend to want to transfer the blame to the technology but we need to "fess up" and recognize that we are the architects of our own demise. We are continuing to wring our hands about SCADA and ICS as being the next technical disaster waiting to happen. We believe that the "other" types of business systems are getting the care and feeding that will keepm them healthy. Perhaps it is time to wake up and smell the coffee!

Don't Miss The Obvious

By Peter Aggus
When trying to reduce your vulnerability to Cyber Attack, don't overlook the obvious. In our experience, some vulnerabilities are so obvious, that they should never occur, yet they seem to be easy to overlook. We review three examples here - how to improve password security, how to prevent monitoring and unauthorized access to mobile device transmissions, and how to use firewalls for protection within your LAN.

Designing KPIs to Ensure Success

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Managers need to determine how to define success for their department or organization. They need to answer questions including "How do we define success?", "How do we know if we've achieved success?" and "How do we know if we're headed for a cliff?". IT Management roles increasingly include helping their C-suite executives design the key performance indicators that are the answers to these questions. Here are our top five KPIs.

'Your Empty(er) Inbox' - Hindsight

July 1 was to usher in a new era of emptier inboxes as the Canadian anti-spam legislation (July1, 2014) moved into the enforcement phase.

Reality? I saw very little change in my inbox.

Conclusion? The email that I get comes from sources that either aren't governed by or don't care about Canada's anti-spam laws.

Impact on the Advisor

For those subscribers that didn't explicitly tell us to continue to send the Advisor and we didn't have a business relationship, we had to drop them from our 'send' list. Our list shrank by more than half!

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