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September 2017, Volume 4 Issue 7

From Call Centre to Social Immersion

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

Customer service has come a long way over the past few decades. Customers used to put up with a poor level of service because the bar was set low - choices were few and limiting technology and corporate policy meant that complaining didn't help. Now, customers have more choices and complaining can be much more effective. In fact, a complaint posted on Facebook or Twitter might go viral and a viral complaint can cause more damage to a company than a multi-million dollar advertising budget can repair. Here are the top issues to consider when implementing your Social Strategy.

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The End of Roaming? By Peter Aggus
Since Cellular began, we have been charged high fees for using the service outside our home area - known as `Roaming`. Most Canadian plans now include free roaming within Canada but still stick to charging for international use. The European Court has recently ruled that roaming charges are discriminatory and new plans will allow European users full calling and roaming throughout the EU without extra charge. In North America, new players and new plans from existing players look set to challenge the status quo. Could this be the end of Roaming and Long Distance charges for us as well?

Cascading Disasters: One Thing Leads to Another
By Guy Robertson
Cascading disasters begin with negative events that lead to numerous other problems. A recent example occurred in Atlantic Canada, where relatively minor damage to a fibre-optic grid resulted in the loss of Internet, TV, wireless and landline service. Airports were forced to delay flights, and many Maritimers were unable to use their credit and debit cards. Hurricane Harvey in Texas was orders of magnitude worse.

Business Innovation Using Analytics By Lee-Ann Dittrich
In the 2017 MIT Sloan Management Review research study, 2600 survey respondents from around the world plus interviews with experts led to four key findings about the value of analytics on business innovation. The first finding is very encouraging - more companies are now reporting competitive advantages from their use of data and analytics, reversing a three year trend. Here's why as well as the other major findings.

The ROI on IT Assessments

Our clients have hired us to assess their IT operations for a variety of reasons including:

  • Investigating reliabilty problems
  • As part of an IT Strategy
  • Solving reliability problems
  • Improving customer service levels
  • Cost reduction
  • Benchmarking
  • Assessing staffing levels and skills
  • Assessing IT Process Maturity

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