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October 2017, Volume 4 Issue 8

Double Disaster - No Cash, No Credit

By Guy Robertson

"Our reliance on cards under normal circumstances leads us to think that they will work forever," says Dave, a Vancouver bank manager. "That’s simply not true. In fact, many people would have neither cash nor credit after a big disaster such as a megathrust earthquake, and they could remain without funds for weeks. This is a scenario that disaster planners often ignore." Here’s how bad it might be and what you should do to minimize the downside.

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The RopeMaker Exploit
By John Glover
‘RopeMaker’ is an acronym that stands for Remotely Originated Post-delivery Email Manipulation Attacks Keeping Email Risky. Are not acronyms grand? Absurd as the full name may sound, the threat presented by this new style of attack is no joke. Remotely originated and post-delivery are the key words here. Look BOTH ways when crossing the NET!

Improving Corporate Culture

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Every organization, or department within an organization, has a culture. The 'Top Companies’, as reported in media surveys, have cultures that work really well and this is said to contribute in a big way to their success. Sometimes departmental subcultures are at odds with the overall organizational culture. Sometimes the culture is harmful to business success - with employee attitudes and behaviours becoming toxic. Here are our recommendations, some easy to follow and some less so.

Cloud Meets AI

By Peter Aggus
'Artificial Intelligence' requires three components. There is a need to process a vast library of data ( the experience), an ability to communicate with users more naturally (speech recognition and synthesis) and the ability to make sense of the spoken input (natural language understanding). Cloud services are a great fit for the data side and several providers are getting increasingly capable with the others. So, is the cloud about to take its next bold step? Where might this fit into your enterprise and is it worth the risk at this stage...or is the real risk one of getting left behind?

Contact Centre Assessment

Customer service has come a long way over the past few decades. Customers used to put up with a poor level of service because the bar was set low - choices were few and limiting technology and corporate policy meant that complaining didn't help. Now, customers have more choices and complaining can be much more effective. In fact, a complaint posted on Facebook or Twitter might go viral and a viral complaint can cause more damage to a company than a multi-million dollar advertising budget can repair.

If you focus on making callers feel valued, you spend time to select your system and plan the configuration very carefully. You also improve your policies and procedures.

TMC can compare your reality to:

  • Customer expectations
  • Your own stated goals
  • Your peers
  • Best practices

and recommend changes so that you can meet your desired scorecard. For no-obligation information on how TMC can help you improve, contact Ellen at 604-506-2905 or

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