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November 2017, Volume 4 Issue 9

AI Vision Can Be Tricked

By John Glover

A Tesla with driver-assist crashed when it misidentified a large white vehicle as a road sign. Google AI Vision identified a 3D printed turtle as a rifle. Optical illusions can now be deliberately crafted to easily fool AI Vision algorithms-a turtle to a rifle, John Doe to your company president; in fact, anything that you can imagine. What does that mean for general adoption of AI Vision in business? What additional security steps should you take before introducing AI Vision as part of your business or security processes?

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Cybercrime Now Easier
By Peter Aggus
The UK police report that electronic crime is now the method of choice for modern criminals. The risks are low, expertise is easy to develop and the cost of mass replication of cybercrime processes are falling. Thanks to this mass replication, it is no longer just the lucrative targets that are worthwhile to criminals. Even companies previously considered at low risk to criminal attack (relatively low dollar value) are not safe. If you sell products or transact business online your risks are escalating. Here are our recommendations on how you should assess your risk and take action to reduce those risks.

Five Emerging BI Trends

By Lee-Ann Dittrich
We’re on the verge of major changes to the way we do business. Big data analysis, using the right tools, controlled by staff with the right skills will lead to a level of Business Intelligence (BI) that we have never seen before. To make these changes possible, organizations will need some new tech tools, but most importantly, will need to hire staff with new skillsets.

Why Big Data Projects Fail

By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson
Last year, Gartner estimated that 60% of big data projects fail. Earlier this month, Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker tweeted that the real failure rate is closer to 85 percent. Why is that? Senior management hear amazing stories at conferences and they’re warned that if they don’t jump in, they’ll be left behind. Big Data seems to promise magical results, and as is common with all magical thinking (lose 30 pounds fast, learn Italian in six easy lessons, the miracle dog training whistle...) it is almost pre-ordained to fail. Here are the common failure points.

Disaster Recovery Checklist

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you need to revisit your disaster plan/business continuity plan:

  • Does your plan include how to respond to a pandemic?
  • Does your plan address succession planning for key staff?
  • Does your plan include strategic alliances?
  • Does your plan include flags for when it needs to be updated?
  • Does your plan include emergency communications with key clients?
  • Is your plan completely reliant on technology?

More Information

Contact Ellen to request a copy of our Disaster Planning / Business Recovery Checklist for a more comprehensive list of questions. 604-506-2905

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