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May 2018, Volume 5 Issue 4

Blockchain - Why It's a Game Changer By Peter Aggus

It used to be synonymous with Bitcoin—but the actual technology is a Peer-To-Peer, secure, distributed database with far-reaching consequences for internet-based data management. Blockchain provides a P2P transaction ‘trust’, which has historically only been provided by centralized trusted brokers like Big Banks, or Governments, or even Facebook. Could this be another new era of cultural disruption like the creation of the Internet? Or will the big guys just take it over?

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Data Stewardship: The Essentials By Guy Robertson

“In my organization, I’m the Director of Common Sense,” says Robert, an IT manager in a BC government agency. “I’m in charge of data stewardship, which covers basic and essential aspects of managing data. I handle tasks that everybody takes for granted. Frankly, without me, our agency would be in dire straits.”

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How Do You Rate?

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Smart City Contest By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

The Smart Cities Challenge is an Infrastructure Canada initiative intended to push communities of all sizes to make plans to use more data and connected technology. There are four prizes of $5 to $50 million for the current round with new competitions to be offered annually. Obviously, the percentage of winners will be small but benefits will flow to all participants.

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Trusted Partners Expose Data By Lee-Ann Dittrich

Digital Shadows, a cyber monitoring service, has published the results of their recent 3 month global scan of some of the most ubiquitous file sharing services across the Internet. They found a shocking amount of publicly exposed data - over twelve petabytes – across open Amazon S3 buckets, rsync, SMB, FTP servers, misconfigured websites, and NAS drives. They report how and why this data is being exposed.

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