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June 2018, Volume 5 Issue 5

Chatbots Now By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

Chatbots are now mainstream, and for very good reasons. They can improve customer service levels dramatically while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Done well, no one will detect that they’re dealing with a chatbot instead of a real person when interacting through text messaging, social media posts, standard website chat sessions, or even on the phone. Of course, it’s easy to get it wrong.

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Doing More with Hybrid Cloud By Peter Aggus

In 2013, over half of all businesses were using Cloud services to some degree. By 2017 that figure had risen to almost 80% - a great success, on the surface, but the depth of commitment paints a different picture. While Cloud can bring a variety of benefits, many businesses are unwilling to invest in a wholesale change-out, and may not have considered a strategic partial implementation. Here we review the value of different approaches to cloud implementations.

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Contact Centre Assessment

If you focus on making callers feel valued, you spend time to select your system and plan the configuration very carefully. You also improve your policies and procedures. Does your customer service reality match your expectation? TMC can benchmark you against:

  Customer expectations
  Your peers
  Best practices

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Bluetooth 5, at Last By Bill Tracey

When we think of radio communications, we think of WiFi most often. For Internet of Things, ZigBee and similar systems do a good job. However neither addresses the growing market for advertising and location assistance beacons and other new self-contained devices where extended range, greater battery life and longer broadcast messages are key requirements. The newly released Bluetooth 5 spec solves a variety of these problems.

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UC Lagging By Lee-Ann Dittrich

There are a wide range of services that fall under the umbrella of Unified Communications, but many organizations take advantage of only a small subset. West, the large US telco, has published a UC study that identified that only 50% of respondents have access to voicemail through their email, 67% identify that they forward their desk phones to their cell phones rather than using a unified system. Here’s what they’re missing by delaying UC adoption.

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