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February 2019, Volume 6 Issue 1

The After-bite of Data Breaches By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

The event: cyberattacks against Wendy's point of sale systems. The allegation: Wendy’s failed to safeguard customer payment card information and failed to provide notice that payment card information had been compromised. The outcome: a Settlement Agreement that will cost Wendy’s $50 million, $22.5 million more than their insurance will cover. Your take-away: use this to lobby for more cyber-security resources.

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The 5G Conundrum By Tony van Wouw

The technical issues have been solved. We can communicate using 5G technology at blisteringly high speeds and with the very low latency needed for fast decision making in automated transportation. Now we need to solve the business issues as there is a massive infrastructure cost to make 5G a profitable reality. Might the Achilles Heel of 5G be the business model rather than the technology?

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Contact Centre Assessment

If you focus on making callers feel valued, you spend time to select your system and plan the configuration very carefully. You also improve your policies and procedures. Does your customer service reality match your expectation? TMC can benchmark you against:

  Customer expectations
  Your peers
  Best practices

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Death of the Payphone By Peter Aggus

They used to be a common sight—before cellphones, but most lose money. Some argue that the entire concept is anachronistic and payphones should just go extinct - but that misses issues like their ‘social role’ for those who cannot afford personal phones, as well as the fact that payphones are the last line of service in a disaster. Most of us don’t need them … until they become a matter of survival. Payphone demise may have major unintended consequences.

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Digitizing Records - What to Do First By Guy Robertson

Every organization has a records management system. Most have a mixture of paper and electronic, active and archival, personally held and centrally stored. Many even include an ad hoc use of SharePoint by the IT department. When you’re finally are given approval to ‘get rid of the paper’ there’s a tendency to jump in and start digitizing. STOP! Here’s what to do first.

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