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September 2019, Volume 6 Issue 2

Security Scare Tactics Don’t Work By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

If your executive team doesn’t support your cyber-security program, the likelihood of disaster increases. For everyone’s sake, you need to convince them to take your recommendations very seriously. Unfortunately, they don’t speak tech, and they can’t be scared into understanding. So how do you convince your executive to see cyber-security for what it is?

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Ten Trends You Need to Know By Lee-Ann Dittrich

Gartner has identified ten trends with the most potential to transform industries in the next 5 years. The trends will be introduced here, but must be examined more thoroughly through a business lens in the coming months. The top trends fall into three categories. Gartner calls them “Intelligent”, “Digital”, and “Mesh”. They mean evolving tech intelligence, cool technology advances, and game-changing ideas. Are you ready? The future is already here.

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Disaster Recovery Checklist

If you answer NO to any of these questions, you need to revisit your business continuity plan:

  Does your plan address succession planning for key staff?
  Does your plan include flags for when it needs to be updated?
  Does your plan include emergency communications with key clients?

For a more comprehensive list, request our checklist by contacting Ellen at

Afraid of the Dark Web? By Elleni Koskinen

Hackers are an ever-evolving breed, becoming stealthier and more resourceful with each passing year. The Symantec Internet Security report takes a look at the past year to identify trends, threats, points of entry, and practices that may put your business at risk. Whether you’re online to reorder office supplies, emailing with a colleague, backing up into the cloud, or just conducting business as usual, you may not be as safe as you think you are.

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5G Rollout By Peter Aggus

In the last issue, Tony looked at “ The 5G Conundrum ” and explained some of the technology issues faced by 5G deployment as well as some of the claimed benefits that we look to enjoy. So is 5G here yet? Or is it forever on the horizon? We take a look at progress and expectations as well as whether the hype is really justified—or even necessary. To some, 5G is still “a solution looking for a problem”.

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