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November 2019, Volume 6 Issue 3

Drones: Risks and Restrictions By Guy Robertson

Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs) perform many useful tasks, including search-and-rescue support, wildlife tracking, sheep herding, security surveillance … with more uses identified every day. They also provide hours of recreational entertainment for the hobbyist. On the dark side, drones have created many new risks to air traffic and elsewhere, so government regulators have stepped in with serious penalties for violating the rules.

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The Lure and Danger of 'Free' By Peter Aggus

We have all heard the saying ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ – yet, like flies to a jam pot, many of us are attracted to what seems to be ‘free’. Free WiFi, free apps (forever-free or 30 day free trial), free cloud storage, wonderful free phone apps... So where does the money come from to pay for the cost of these free offerings? What do you put at risk when you accept the offer? –particularly if it is your business that is put at risk.

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Guy Robertson Honoured

TMC’s Guy Robertson has been chosen as one of the 49 Langarans and we congratulate him! Langara College has established this award to celebrate the 49th anniversary of their establishment on 49th Avenue in Vancouver. They have chosen 49 inspirational Langarans for their impact and contributions to the College, their profession, or in the community over the past 49 years.

Guy has an amazing range of expertise and teaches courses ranging from information management and security (the Justice Institute) to business continuity, risk management, corporate security and rare books and bibliography. Guy continues to write books on disaster planning, with five of these having global sales. He’s written hundreds of articles and is an international consultant in the field. Guy joined TMC in 2016.

AI and the Contact Centre By Lee-Ann Dittrich

Contact centres have seen massive changes over recent decades. They began as voice only, with agents using binders of information to find answers for callers and writing on paper forms to submit customer orders into the sales process. Then they progressed to multi-channel, and now omni-channel. We′re now entering the age of analytics and AI. Aragon Research has released an assessment of 13 providers of intelligent contact centres.

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Saved by Content Services? By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

The number of digital files (documents, email, databases, webpages, video, etc.) continues to grow at a blinding rate and managing this content properly is complex. Inadequate efforts are common and can become a source of embarrassment and even a serious risk to an organization. Worse, digital content management tends to be the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge. Inaction is often the unofficial preferred course of action.

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