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February 2020, Volume 7 Issue 1

Optimizing Your Tech Refresh Schedule By Peter Aggus

How do you balance getting value out of a major investment with missing out on improvements offered by newer technology? Many years ago, telecom and computer technology was expected to last 10 to 20 years and that mentality has carried forward to some extent. We regularly encounter clients with servers that are much too old and networks that are architected for long ago. Here′s our approach on optimizing your refresh cycle.

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Creating ‘Beginner’ Dashboards By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

Gartner says that most organizations should be doing better with data and analytics, given the potential benefit. We agree … and the irony is that most managers like the concept of dashboards. However, reality sets in when Business Intelligence projects are launched, but the resulting dashboards fail to deliver the promised value. I want to talk about dashboard basics and how to use ‘beginner’ dashboards to teach yourself how to succeed with dashboards.

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Pandemic Plan?

  Does your Emergency Management Plan or Business Continuity Plan include a Pandemic Plan?
  Does your plan include succession planning for when key staff members are ill?
  Does it address how to scale back work to maintain critical and essential functions?
  Does it include a communication plan?

For a more comprehensive list of questions, or for a no–obligation consultation, request our checklist by contacting Ellen at

Top AI Trends for 2020 By Lee-Ann Dittrich

Forbes recently predicted the top AI trends that will affect us in 2020. Included are dystopian ideas such as China looking at ways of making facial recognition compulsory for accessing services like communication networks and public transport. Also included are the opportunities for on-screen magic in entertainment industry using the example of Robert De Niro being de-aged using AI, in Martin Scorsese’s film, The Irishman.

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Six Reasons Why Your Disaster Plan Will Fail By Guy Robertson

Many people don’t do their part in disaster planning committees. This can cause the planning process to stretch indefinitely into the future and deliver negligible results. Of course, everyone is sorry when disaster strikes and preventable problems happen, but before the disaster there are so many reasons why planning should occur at some later time. These reasons include fear, embarrassment, denial and overconfidence. Here’s our advice.

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