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March 2020, Volume 7 Issue 2

Disaster Response By Peter Aggus

The world is reeling from what disaster planners feared: a viral pandemic. So, how are those “best laid plans” faring? Is everything working like clockwork, as it was planned to? Are we learning from the challenges we face? Disasters do not wait for a more convenient time. Are we ready for a second disaster that could strike while we are still trying to deal with the first? They said “smile—things could be worse.” So I smiled…and things got worse.

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The 4th Industrial Revolution By Ellen Koskinen-Dodgson

Covid-19 has shaken up everyone’s lives and forced us to go more deeply online. One of the interesting consequences will be the speeding up of our move to the 4th Industrial Revolution. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, “By affecting the incentives, rules, and norms of economic life, it transforms how we communicate, learn, entertain ourselves, and relate to one another and how we understand ourselves as human beings.”

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Pro-Bono Offer for School Districts

TMC has decided to donate our expert advice to school districts in need. We would like to assist you as you make the transition from classroom learning to online education, and help you with any problems you may experience along the way. TMC consultants include instructors who use online learning platforms and engineers with considerable knowledge of collaborative learning environments. If this might be of interest to you, feel free to contact Ellen at

Your Disaster Plan is Incomplete By Guy Robertson

No disaster plan is perfect. All plans contain weaknesses and gaps, some of which could accommodate unexpected perils. For example, numerous plans in California have prepared organizations for earthquakes, power outages, and wildfires but not for the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020. In New York City and London, corporate plans have justifiably concentrated on terrorist attacks and severe weather, but often include no mention of pandemics.

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Evolving Cloud Threats By Elleni Koskinen

Last year Symantec published the Cloud Security Threat report to assist companies in identifying cloud based security threats. They found that many of these threats existed as a result of the company’s own misuse and misunderstanding of cloud based work. With over half of the average organization’s workload now occurring in the cloud, it’s time to get serious (and get educated) about cloud security.

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