Projects by Business Sector

Government and Crown Corporations

Governments and Crown Corporations face special pressures. As keepers of the public purse, fiscal economy is critical. As providers of services to the public, service improvements and changes are constantly requested. Other issues include:

  • Retaining employees
  • Providing online service
  • Enhancing information access
  • Protecting privacy

Since 1988, TMC has helped many Government and Crown Corporation clients to support these objectives through improvements to business processes as well as through changes to IT and telecom systems and services. A few of our Government and Crown Corporations projects include:

  • TMC provided voice systems expertise for invoice assessment and asset management.
    Enterprise-wide Technology Leader, a Provincial Safety Agency
  • TMC assessed options for partnerships, supplier IRUs and new fibre build.
    IT Manager, a Canadian Power Utility
  • TMC lead an IT Assessment, recommending service model and organizational structure changes.
    Data Centre Manager, a Transit Company

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